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In Comparison with traditional Cable fixing devices, Cable with Cable grips can be fixed quickly and simply. They are used to guide Cables over large vertical distances and, thanks to the perfected construction and the high quality of the materials has an enormous load capacity, even for heavy cables.

Prior to installation, the proper size grip must be chosen for the cable to be pulled. Grip selection is based on cable diameter. Generally speaking, use the smallest grip which will fit over the cable jacket without excessive difficulty.

Slide the grip over the end of the cable and push the cable out through the top of the mesh, leaving 90 cm (36in) for stripping. Use a pumping action to ‘’walk’’ the grip over the jacket without excessive difficulty.

Once the proper grip is obtained, inspect it for it for damage broken wires, bulges due to stress. Grasp the pulling eye in one hand (gloves are recommended) and smooth out the mesh with the other, tightening the wires.

Our Engineering and Design team makes an integral part of the manufacturing facility. While the team remains focused on the design and development of the products, this expertise are also extended to our clients. We design cable grips to suit even the most complex and demanding applications. From the simple Cable pulling to offshore pipeline installations, we are equipped to provide complete cabling pulling, supporting and protecting solutions.


The broad application of Hemakul grips on a wide variety of objects requires that adequate safety factors be used to establish working loads. The approximate strength of a Hemakul grip represents an average calculation based on data established from actual tension testing done in our engineering laboratories.

It is impossible to catalog or guarantee a safety suitable for all applications as operating condition are never the same .The tension diameter, movement, number of object gripped , gripping surface, and the attachments used are just some of the factors which vary with each application . These factors, together with the effects of abrasion, corrosion, prior use or abuse and any other variable of a specific application, must be considered by the user and the grip replaced as appropriate .Where the condition of the application are not well defined or know, or Where risk of injury to persons or property is involved. a greater safety factor should be utilized.

Our cable grips are skillfully hand-woven using superior quality galvanized or stainless steel wires ensuring safety and durability. Each Cable Grip is tested in-house for quality, strength and performance ie 100% inspection of every grip of every lot. Being pioneers in cable grip manufacturing, we have a strong foundation of practice and experience teamed with constant R&D to provide the best cabling solutions.


We at Hemakul are committed to continual development and product improvement. It is, therefore, not possible for all products to be advertised on our web site. Should you not find what you want, please ask our sales office at the telephone nos. mentioned overleaf.

We reserves the right, without notice, to make changes in components and equipment design as progress determines. As such, some of the specifications of a product may differ from those published.

Hemakul warrants all goods to be free from defects in workmanship and quality at the date of delivery. In the event of a breach of this limited warranty, customers shall give Hemakul immediate notice of an alleged defect. Complaints must be received by us in writing immediately after the goods have arrived at the destination. If the supplied goods are defective they will be replaced by new goods or made good. Our liability for third-party products shall be limited to the assignment of the liability claims to which we are entitled against the supplier of the third-party goods. Improper handling, normal wear or overloading of our goods shall relieve us of all liabilities. The return of goods requires our approval; unapproved returns will be refused. Upon return of defective goods, Hemakul will be limited to issuing a credit note.

Hemakul will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from goods which have been altered, misused, abused or not used in accordance with their intended purpose or the manufacturer's installation instructions/Material Safety Data Sheet as provided.