1985: The journey was initiated from a small workshop as pioneers of Cable Manufacturers in Maharashtra, India.  Launched over three decades ago by my father, Mr. M. K. Bhatia; we take pride in being established as one of the most valued manufacturer and marketer of Cable Grips, Stocking /Pulling  Grips/Socks/Sleeves in India. The legacy is therefore backed by strong principles, organizational values and an extremely skilled and loyal team.

We are focused on delivering high quality, dependable products. Our strong support system is our able & knowledgeable team. In the field, we work with our channel partners to deliver our products to the market. Our network of distributors and retailers provide sales support, local inventory and expertise for the end-consumer. Together, they have been playing an important role in supporting our growth since we began and are looking forward to a continued successful journey securing business and lives across the globe.

We succeed when You Do!

Why Us:

  Industry Expert
  Client Understanding
  Customized Solutions
  Competitive Pricing
  Efficient Timely Deliveries

Our Values:

Purpose – Passion – Principles – Excellence.

Driving business and people with a Purpose, Passion guided by strong ethics and Principles that are non-negotiable to achieve Excellence in all aspects!

We do not settle for good, we seek greatness in every order and task we do, performing at the highest level and enthusiastically.

Our Team :

We value our employees as individuals, genuinely care about knowing them, understand their challenges and our aim is to make Hemakul a respectful and rewarding place to work, collaborate and grow together. We also believe in developing our people and creating an environment in which people can thrive.

Our supervisory staff is passionate and prepared to think out of the box, resolve problems and keep learning

Spotlight at Hemakul:

We believe in gender diversity and we have 42 women working on the floor, manually & nimbly weaving cable grips and socks with high precision. We hire and train these women giving them a sustenance means but also provide them with quality livelihood.

Going Global:

At Hemakul, we continually strive to enhance our expertise, knowledge, service quality and industry trends because we know that as we improve ourselves, we can contribute even more meaningfully to your business objectives.