Hemakul facilitates world-class Cable Grips

Standard Cable Pulling Grips provide a protective sheath over cables that facilitates easier installation via ducts, conduits, pipes, or risers. This saves a lot of valuable time and cuts down on cost by facilitating easy installation of standard and multi-fiber cables.

The Cable grips relieve the strain directly onto the outer jacket of the cable while keeping the terminations underneath a protective sheath. Due to this, the terminations do not experience any stress or strain during the process of cable installation. Cable grips can be applied for any cable laying mechanical operations that involve large traction forces.

We own our final product and own complete responsibility for manufacturing & accountability for delivering with excellence!

Our Cable Grips are broadly classified into 3 major categories:


Pulling Grips

Manufactured by a precise, intricate, hand-woven process of construction coupled with detailed inspection of individual products, these cable grips are suitable for most of the standard applications.


Heavy Duty Grips

Also termed as cable socks, these cable grips are specifically designed for heavy duty cable pulling applications. These cable grips are multi-woven to ensure higher strength.


Support Grips

Specifically engineered to distribute the weight of vertical sloping that runs through the entire length of electrical or fiber-optic cables, hoses, and metal rods to avoid damage and facilitate better slip-proof grip.

Irrespective of the category, each of the Cable Grips is manufactured with stainless steel/ galvanized steel to provide a layer of wire mesh around energy cables, communication cables, control lines, overhead transmission lines, or any other cylindrical object. This increases the load-bearing capacity of the cables thereby ensuring traction-relieved suspension.

The specifically designed customized cable grips provided by Hemakul serve for most complex or demanding applications. From a simple Cable pulling to an offshore pipeline installation, we facilitate complete solutions for cabling pulling, support as well as protection. These quality products facilitated by us have been successfully implemented across various industries such as the Wind Turbines, Oil and gas, marine, offshore, mining, Transmission line stringing, Telecom and of course cable laying contractors. The quality and durability of our products have been tested by the harsh conditions subjected overtimes.