Snake Grips

Heavy duty Snake grips cut down immense time spent in stringing up, changing as well as unstringing since it does not require any special tools. Heavy duty snake grips generally have pulling grips, links, and swivels all packaged in one assembly. The inbuilt link of swivel and swing easily thread through blocks and sheaths and helps in preventing any line twisting. The link of the swivel and swing also help in separating the two side grips in case you need to replace or change the grip sizes.

These heavy duty snake grips help in installing a new cable with the help of an old existing cable that can serve as the pulling line. This implies you can easily pull a new cable or wire with the old existing cable or wire that needs to be replaced. The heavy duty snake grips flexibly expand or contract for gripping different as well as identical cables and rope sizes to adapt to specific customer’s needs. They are effectively used in industries such as oil and gas as well as marine and offshore.

Full specifications are given in the table below.

Part No. Diameter/
OVERALL / L (mm) Break load APPROX (kn) Workload (kn)
HSG 25 13 – 25 3800 33 11
HSG 32 19 – 32 3800 38 13
HSG 38 25 – 38 3800 44 15
HSG 50 38 – 50 3800 53 17
HSG 70 50 – 70 3800 71 22