Strain Relief Grips - Cable/Hose

Conduit riser ring grips are specially designed for supporting the cable with the help of conduit itself. Once the installation is done, the support grip rests on the edge of a conduit by the support of a ring. The components of the ring are constructed with powder coated bronze, investment cast, and steel wire ropes coated with PVC. These support grips can be customized as per customer specifications.

These support grips can also be designed with a single weave grip and a support ring for supporting electrical cabling. Conduit Riser Ring Grips are ideally designed to support electrical cables in standard electrical conduits made of rigid metal as well as to schedule PVC conduit. The support grip is fastened permanently onto a support ring which results in a single one piece unit that allows proper air ventilation inside the conduit. In this manner, Conduit Riser Ring Grips provide a permanent support for cables in conduit.

The ring size of Conduit Riser Ring Grips also permits conduit couplings. The plastic coated strand cable designed flexibly to permit a maximum line surge without damaging the conductor. These grips also prevent line sagging and reduces strain on terminals by shifting weight to the supporting rim of the conduit.